Advendurance was founded in 2001 when three passionate cyclists had a goal in mind to grow a sport that had very little exposure, sponsorships and races. Fritz Pienaar, the CEO of Advendurance, who was a professional cyclist and national Mountain bike champion, teamed up with recreational riders Heinrich Richter and Theo Grobler, to launch an outdoor sports events company that focused on mountain bike races and to provide a platform where pro riders can challenge one another, while still catering for the masses who are enthusiastic, hobbyist riders. Along with implementing events where riders could tackle the trails while competing against one another, the goal was also to establish mountain biking as a commercial sport in South Africa, with the hope that passion for riding would to trickle from the pros to the novices.

The first event launched by the Advendurance brand was the National Mountain Biking series back in 2002, followed by TrailSeeker in 2008 and Tour of Legends in 2012. The company further established its growth and presence in the country by introducing a duathlon series, DualX, with further expansion into OCR events, which includes The Warrior Race in 2013. A brain child of Advendurance includes SASeeding (SAS) which was launched in 2008, in order to track riders’ performances and to organise race batches. All of South Africa’s MTB events use this system when it comes to rankings and series points, and brings a great deal of value to riders and sponsors alike. In 2016 Advendurance crossed borders going international organising a 4 day Stage event in Switzerland called the Snow bike festival portraying the dynamics and strengths the team has to offer.

Based in Pretoria, Advendurance organises:

5x National MTB series events that takes place in 5 provinces
6x Nissan Trailseeker MTB events accross 3 Provinces
6x Nissan Trailseeker Trail Running events in 3 provinces
9x Warrior Obstacle Course Racing events across 4 provinces and two Countries (Namibia)
1x Snow Bike Festival in Switzerland
1x Race to the Sun 100 Mile event from Hartebeespoort dam to Sun City
Total 28 events annually

Provinces Advendurance cover:
Western Cape
North West

Countries we cover:
South Africa

Considered one of South Africa’s leading outdoor sports event coordinators, it is a reputable and professional platform for outdoor sport thrill seekers that wish to combine a love for sport and the outdoors in one package by offering an exciting programme of adventurous events that are thrilling and life-changing. The aim is to deliver an unforgettable experience and provide sponsors and participants alike with a level of event service that only Advendurance can offer and further help people overcome their challenges and turn them into success stories.


In addition to delivering world class events, we procure sponsorships, in so doing developing close partnerships with leading industry players, ensuring that their brand and corporate identity becomes synonymous within the industry.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Event Management
  • Event Directing
  • Event Co-ordination
  • PR and Marketing:

I. Brand Activation
II. Advertising
III. Media Packs / Clothing
IV. Viral Marketing- Sponsor outlets

  • Sponsorship Procurement
  • Sales Promotion
  • Consumer targeted promotion / competitions utilising:

I. Sponsor outlets
II. Bike dealers
III. Direct Mail
IV. Advertising
V. Event Marketing

  • Consumer Sales at

I. Presence at consumer shows
II. Presence at other Local events

  • TV Coverage
  • Venue Setup / Layout
  • Route scout / Building / Layout / Marking

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